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Brittany & Nick Wedding

mountain desert themed wedding

Royal Palms Resort & Spa

Brittany and Nick embraced the enchantment of autumn as they celebrated their love amidst the rugged beauty of the Arizona mountain desert. Their wedding was a harmonious blend of rustic elegance and the natural splendour of the desert landscape. Nestled in the heart of Arizona wilderness, their Spanish-inspired venue in Scottsdale provided awe-inspiring views of the rugged mountains and the vast desert expanse. The golden hues of the autumnal desert flora added an extra layer of warmth to the breathtaking scenery. In this setting of rustic charm and desert allure, Brittany and Nick embarked on their journey of love, surrounded by the love and warmth of their cherished family and friends. Their wedding day became a testament to the enduring beauty of both their love and the season.

To add a personal touch to their celebration, I had the privilege of curating their wedding stationery, which encompassed the creation of both their wedding invitations and menus. Every invitation was delicately embellished with exquisite dried flowers and silk ribbon, meticulously finished with the art of envelope addressing. The menus were thoughtfully designed on handmade paper, with each one bearing a unique touch by featuring personalised guest names in a captivating rust hue. These bespoke elements added an extra layer of individuality and refinement to Brittany's and Nick's special day.

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